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commission info -[CLOSED]

Hello Everyone!I have been asked quite a few times about commissions so I thought I'd make a page here for now with some quick info. I will update this page with some more graphics and information later <3CURRENT COMMISSION STATUS: Closed - no waitlist available. Please don't send enquiries I'm not taking them and all available information is below.


My pricing is all in USD and I accept payment via Paypal/Stripe or an organized EFT transactionI charge an hourly based fee of $35 per hour of work. My average time on a piece is about 3-4 hours so please expect all commissions to be $105+My prices are also SEASONAL: this means that they may increase during busy months (though unlikely as I would rather turn people down during this) or decrease during periods where I am more free and want to draw commissions.Sometimes I do special offers for holidays like valentines commissions etc. Those are only available during that time and will be advertised on my social media.COMMERCIAL ENQUIRIES: Please contact me directly to discuss, I charge differently when it comes to commercial purposes and usually have a surcharge for this. The amount will depend on what you want and what you'll be using my work for.

Availability & Process

I am not currently accepting commissions. I will open them again when I have enough time to after my current projects.If I approve of your commission request I'll work on a sketch/rough draft that you'll be able to help me adjust to your liking. After that I'll ask for payment prior to continuing and completing the final product. I also offer prints or stickers for the final product! We can discuss that if you are interested.

Waiting List

Please contact me if you are not on the waiting list and expect to be here! I may have missed you by accident, I will add you in the appropriate slot for when you contacted me.To calculate how long it would take to get to your commission, I usually take 2 people at a time and give myself 1-2 weeks to finish them. The bolded names are currently in progress.Sorry its currently going very slow due to work committments and my schedule with Class101**PLEASE respond to me ASAP when I message you for your commission. After 1 week of no contact I will remove you from the list. You're welcome to be added back when you are ready. **

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